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Container Loading Solutions

Our unique, patented Container Loading Solution, the Seafreight Loading Chassis - SLCTM is designed to provide roll in, roll out loading and unloading of shipping containers. It is manufactured from steel, which allows it to easily handle cargo weight of up to 24 tonnes per 20' container. It is particularly efficient for hard to handle or long length products e.g. copper, steel and plasterboard.


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Freight Management Software

Doing business in the 21st Century necessitates having modern and technologically innovative solutions that allow you to manage and control your carriers for best practice outcomes.  As part of of its national distribution service, Superfreighters offers its customers a 21st century solution for complete dispatch and carrier management - FMS Dispatcher. We provide a local and wide area networked system for all your dispatch needs. 


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Container Loading Solutions: The SLC

The SLC comes in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft configurations. This unparalleled container loading equipment has the exciting potential to provide exporters and importers with significant efficiency gains when integrated into the supply chain. The greatest gains are realised through its ability to eliminate steps within supply chains.

The SLC loading system is often described as a hybrid between a General Purpose (GP) and a Flat Rack container.  It is a solution that provides the cost advantages and product safety associated with a GP container and the loading flexibility and convenience of Flat Racks or Open Top containers.

The SLC helps clients:

  • Save time and money by dramatically reducing the time involved in loading and unloading of containers;
    • one of our clients reduced un/loading from 16 hours to 3 hours.
    • No need to put experienced operators on the task
    • The SLC can containers in a matter of minutes; which means the load does not need to sit on the site; trucks can take the containers away immediately, freeing up yard space, promoting safety and further reducing transport charges
  • Reduce the OH&S risks associated with loading and unloading containers;
    • the chassis is loaded outside of the container and then rolled into the container with the aide of a forklift
    • staff are not required to get inside the container, or climb on top of the product, thereby greatly reducing the chance of injury
  • Reduce Materials Handling costs by eliminating the need for dedicated packaging and packing systems such as:
    • pallets, crates,
    • strapping,
    • and weather proof plastic covers.
  • Reduce Shipping Charges by allowing the use of GP containers instead of specialised equipment, which;
    • Can enable the move from Flat Racks to Hi Cube containers; increasing the payload, and container utilising thus reducing freight costs
    • opens up the opportunity to use alternative shipping services i.e. Sea vs. Rail which is substantially cheaper
  • Eliminates third party loading services as you can easily load containers on site and even directly from the production line, which;
    • improves control, and eliminates double handling
  • Greatly reduce costs from damages by directly securing the load to the SLC which reduces damage to the product;
    • The SLC has a patented double-locking system for locking it into the container which minimises movement in the container and even stops the product from falling out if the container doors are not locked.
  • Provides easy, inexpensive returns  process; the SLCs neatly stack on each other so that 13 will fit into one 20ft GP container
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Freight Management Software

The freight management software system features:

  • Multi-carrier: can use carrier specific labels or plain label stock on multiple printers at the same time.
  • Least Cost: Enter consignment details, system rates and highlights lowest carrier choice.
    • Track and Trace: for any consignment globally by: 
      • Reference/Order number
      • con note number
      • suburb
      • carrier
      • customer name
      • and in real time with link to the carrier’s website for delivery status update
    • Reporting: (exported to Excel via FTP or email) showing your freight data by:
      • carrier, state, customer, group, and cost centre,
      • or freight cost as a percentage of your sales.
    • Advance Shipping Notices: (A.S.N.) sent via email to your receivers, telling them:
      • when the order was dispatched,
      • by which carrier
      • confirming the con note and reference numbers
      • and provides a URL link to carrier website for delivery status update
    • Freight Estimate: costs order enquiry for freight quote from your carriers without generating a consignment note
    • Consignment Consolidation: adding multiple same shipping day orders to first generated consignment for one basic charge cost
    • Integration: can be modified to integrate with any WMS or ERP for further automation to save 1-2 mins/order.