The Seafreight Loading Chassis

  • 40' SLC 

    Rolling in to container

  • 20' SLC

    Steel packed

  • Loaded SLC

    Snugly locked in to container

  • SLC with plaster

    Eliminates damages

  • SLC on forklift

    Pack when you want, no need to wait for truck

SLC Case Study with Rondo

Rondo is a large Australian manufacturer of steel products. They have used the SLC to reduce product damage and shipping charges as well as increase their loading productivity, read the full story here

SLC Case Study with Knauf

Knauf is a world leading company in the building products industry. The use of the SLC for safely delivering their products has assisted Knauf with their expansion goals. Read the full story here.

USG Boral 3rd Gen SLC Case Study

To find out about the new 3rd Generation SLC and how the improvements were utilised by USG Boral click here